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The Show ER, Full Cast, And Trivia!

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This series is a medical drama that focuses mostly on the doctors and nurses who work in the ER of Chicago’s County General Hospital. It also has a sizeable recurring cast that includes paramedics, hospital staff of all kinds, patients, etc. Its original main cast is totally gone by the end of the series. The last original cast member leaves for good at the end of season eleven. However, this is one of those rare shows where they manage to replace departing characters with new and interesting ones that grab your attention and keep you watching. Also, this process was of course very gradual over the years, and wasn’t done all at once. The ER series ran for fifteen seasons, and with a show that long, departures were going to happen. And in addition, some of the main characters that left the series did manage to come back here and there for a show. This is a tiny description of each character, starting with the original main cast.


Dr. Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards) -Mark Greene is a doctor who specializes in emergency medicine. He is chief resident and dedicated to his job, as well as his wife Jen (Christine Harnos), and their daughter, Rachel (Yvonne Zima-later played by Hallee Hirsh). His wife who has been completing law school is starting to see things differently, and wants Mark to leave the ER for a private medical practice with less demanding hours. Mark, however, decides this is not for him, and decides to stay at the ER, thus putting a decided strain on his marriage.


Dr. Doug Ross (George Clooney) -Doug Ross is the ER pediatrician and one of those doctors who is committed to helping his patients no matter what the rules or the consequences. Doug’s past is not the neatest, this stemming from his childhood of being raised by a single mother and a father who deserted them, to being a man and having a son that he doesn’t even know. Despite all this upheaval in his personal life, he is totally and completely dedicated to medicine and the children he takes care of every day.


Dr. Susan Lewis (Sherry Stringfield) -Susan Lewis is a doctor whose specialty is also emergency medicine. She is in her second year of residency, and is in a relationship with a psychiatrist at County General, this later falls apart when the man she is seeing has a nervous breakdown. She is very good at her job, and has a close relationship with her co-workers; however, she does lack the assertiveness that is needed to work in the fast-paced ER. But this problem resolves itself over time.


Dr. Peter Benton (Eriq La Salle) -Peter Benton’s specialty is general surgery, and he is a surgical resident. He is cocky and tends to have the attitude that he knows everything, but in truth he really is a brilliant surgeon. Peter knows Mark Greene from college, but he tends not to get too close to his co-workers in the beginning. Later though, he seems to become less gruff and more friendly with the rest of the staff.


Dr. John Carter (Noah Wyle) -John Carter is a third year medical student. He comes to County General from an incredibly wealthy family. His desire to study medicine, (despite several episodes where he seems not to be able to handle certain aspects of it), comes from Carter losing his brother to leukemia, when he was just a young child. His family really does not support his decision to become a doctor, wishing that he would instead devote his time to their philanthropic endeavors. His grandmother, whom he is quite close to, eventually does come to understand how important this is to him, and gives him her support. He later decides to go into general surgery, even completing the first year of surgical residency, but later changes his mind after extensive exposure to the workings of the emergency room, and chooses emergency medicine instead.


Nurse Carol Hathaway (Julianna Margulies) -Carol Hathaway is both a registered nurse, as well as the nurse manager of the County General Emergency Room. She is a great advocate of the nurses and does not appreciate the lack of recognition that they seem to deal with on a daily basis. Carol does her job well and is liked by all which is why everyone is shocked when she is wheeled into the ER after a failed suicide attempt. Many of the staff suspect that it has to do with the failed relationship between her and Dr. Doug Ross. She recovers and manages to eventually put the incident behind her.


Jeanie Boulet (Gloria Reuben) -Jeanie Boulet is a physicians’ assistant. She is unhappily married to a man named Al (Wolfgang Bodison-later played by Michael Beach), who is a philanderer. She later has an affair with Dr. Benton after he hires her to care for his mother who is senile. But their relationship eventually ends. And soon after Jeanie finds out that her husband and she are both HIV-positive.


Dr. Kerry Weaver (Laura Innes) -Kerry Weaver is also specialized in the field of emergency medicine. She is hired by Mark Greene as chief resident, (Mark is now an ER Attending), much to the displeasure of both Susan Lewis and Doug Ross. Kerry is a good doctor who has a limp and must use an arm-crutch (although the reason for this is not revealed for many seasons). Kerry is at first cold, and some think that she is harsh, but later more of her personality reveals that although she wants to be a success and advances quickly, that she actually will break the rules to help her patients as well as members of the staff.


Dr. Anna Del Amico (Maria Bello) -Anna Del Amico is a doctor specializing in pediatrics. However she arrives at County General and wants to become double board certified in both Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine. As she has already completed a residency in Pediatrics, she is there as an Emergency Medicine Intern. She becomes good friends with Nurse Hathaway and a few others. She and Carter develop some romantic feelings for one another, but nothing serious actually comes of it.


Dr. Elizabeth Corday (Alex Kingston) -Elizabeth Corday is a trauma surgeon. She comes from England, and worked there for two years after she completed her residency. However, she wants to acquire some experience with American medicine, so she accepts a fellowship at County General. Elizabeth at first has a small problem in dealing with her co-workers and the staff, because she is unfamiliar with the ways of Americans, as they are unfamiliar with her ways. She is very direct and very honest, but after a short time, they all get along quite well. She is a very skilled surgeon and soon after her arrival starts a relationship with Peter Benton.


Lucy Knight (Kellie Martin) -Lucy Knight is a 3rd year medical student, who is assigned Dr. John Carter as her resident. Almost from the beginning she and Carter have a somewhat difficult relationship. One minute they seem to be getting along, but the next appears to bring about problems and issues for them to tackle. Though she is fairly popular with the nurses and attendings, which seem to treat her like an equal, she does encounter a problem with Nurse Carol Hathaway. Soon after she begins her ER rotation, she asks Carol for help starting an IV. She also does not admit to Carter that she cannot do it, and the truth does not come out until they are in a trauma situation. It also comes out later that she is on Ritalin, and has been since she was in high school.


Dr. Robert Romano (Paul McCrane) -Robert Romano is a surgeon. He is also somewhat bigoted, surly, cruel and unpleasant. He is the type of doctor who wants to get to the top by any means possible, no matter who he has to step on to do it. Romano is the kind of guy that you love to hate. He does however have a soft spot for medical student, Lucy Knight. This is after she basically tells him off because he refuses to do a surgery on a certain patient. He respects her for her bravado, and consents to the surgery. This is one of only a few instances where Romano is actually portrayed as being a decent human being with feelings.


Dr. Luka Kovac (Goran Visnjic) -Luka Kovac is from Croatia, and specializes in emergency medicine. He lost his wife, small daughter and infant son, before coming to America in, the Croatian War of Independence. He has survivor’s guilt as well as PTSD, which is evidenced in his personal relationships. He is a very committed doctor and gives his time to different organizations and groups.


Dr. Cleo Finch (Michael Michele) -Cleo Finch is a pediatric fellow at County General. Skilled at her job, she is a no non-sense type of doctor and woman. She soon starts a relationship with Dr. Peter Benton, and is especially good with his son, Reese, who is deaf. She does have a problem with Reese’s mother, Carla (Lisa Nicole Carson), who says that Cleo is untrustworthy, after an accident that Reese has while under Cleo’s care. Peter is especially impressed with her knowledge of ASL.


Dr. Dave Malucci (Erik Palladino) -Dave Malucci is an emergency medicine physician. He has a reputation for being uncaring, although there are certain times when his sensitivity is shown. He also has a habit of breaking the rules to get things accomplished. The general consensuses of his skills as a doctor are, for the most part, considered both shoddy and careless.


Dr. Jing-Mei Chen (Ming-Na) -Originally, Jing-Mei (sometimes called Deb) was on during the first season, but leaves after deciding that she would rather have a career in research. Several years later she returns
to County General in her third year of residency. Dr. Carter is quite happy to see her, and they resume their friendship. She explains that she decided to return to medicine not long after she left it, after saving a man’s life.


Dr. Abby Lockhart (Maura Tierney) -Abby Lockhart, who starts out as a registered nurse, eventually becomes a doctor who specializes in emergency medicine. Abby has several personal relationships, but the most serious are with Luka Kovac and John Carter. During her relationship with Carter, it is revealed that she is a recovering alcoholic. And at another point, you see Abby’s mother, Maggie (Sally Field), visit her and the whole history of their family comes out. Including the fact that her mother and later her brother, Eric (Tom Everett Scott), who was in the US Air Force, but has gone AWOL, have bipolar disease.


Dr. Gregory Pratt (Meki Phifer) -Gregory “Greg” Pratt is very skilled as a doctor, but tends to take chances that often have him at odds with his chief resident, Dr. John Carter, as well as other attendings on different occasions. It is revealed that he has a stepbrother, Leon (Marcello Thedford), who is mentally handicapped (due to a gunshot wound to the head), that is living with him. Because of his severe handicap, Leon often gets into trouble which tends to be a distraction for Greg in both his personal and professional life.


Dr. Michael Gallant (Sharif Atkins) -Michael Gallant is a medical student in his 3rd year, who is a member of the US Army Reserve, and had been on active duty. They are now paying for his tuition to medical school. Although he at first clashes with a new intern, Dr. Gregory Pratt, they soon resolve their differences and become good friends. Michael is a skilled and dedicated physician as well as a soldier, who is liked by everyone.


Dr. Neela Rasgotra (Parminder Nagra) -Neela Rasgotra, is at first, a talented but somewhat shy medical student from England. She later graduates from medical school, but has an identity crisis which leads her to turn down an internship, and can then find no job except that of a store clerk. She returns to work at County General, after asking Dr. Kerry Weaver for a job. She also suffers from claustrophobia.


Nurse Samantha Taggart (Linda Cardellini) -Samantha Taggart is the head nurse at County General. She is a single mother of a son, Alex (Oliver Davis and later played by Dominic Janes), who was born when she was only fifteen years old. She has raised him almost entirely by herself, mostly due to the fact that she comes from a family of alcoholics and deadbeats. She is tough, smart, talented and assertive, and she knows how to fight for both herself as well as her son.


Dr. Ray Barnett (Shane West) -Ray Barnett is a doctor who specializes in emergency medicine. He is also a member of a rock band, which sometimes causes him a conflict. He becomes close to and falls in love with Dr. Neela Rasgotra later on, despite the many roadblocks that seem to exist.


Dr. Archie Morris (Scott Grimes) -Archie Morris is a second year resident. He is the type of guy that you never want to be your doctor, both for his inept and careless way of attempting to take care of you, but also for his snide remarks and lazy attitude. Additionally, Archie is one of those people who seem to do so many things wrong but still manages to come out ahead.

stamos etvs

Dr. Tony Gates (John Stamos) -Tony Gates appears at County General, first as a paramedic, and then later returns as an intern. He had first met Dr. Neela Rasgotra previously when he was a paramedic, and revealed to her that he was in medical school. They soon became friends, and later had a brief, romantic affair. It is later discovered that he is being put through medical school by a deceased friend’s wife, Meg Riley (Paula Malcomson). They served in the Gulf together, and after her husband died, he decided to live with her and her daughter, Sarah (Chloe Greenfield), to help them out for a while.

Dr. Simon Brenner

Dr. Simon Brenner (David Lyons) -Simon Brenner is first seen as a new ER Attending. And though he seems quite talented as a physician, (and with the ladies), he is constantly being reminded that County General is a teaching hospital, something that he refuses to comply with. When Dr. Pratt goes to Dr.Donald Anspaugh (John Aylward), who is a surgeon, the chief-of-staff, as well as a member of the hospital board, to voice a complaint, it is then that Dr. Brenner is revealed to be Anspaughs’ nephew.


Dr. Catherine Banfield (Angela Bassett) -Catherine “Cate” Banfield is brought to County General to be Chief of the Emergency Department, but everyone is a little bothered by her from the beginning. She is tough and puts the entire staff of the ER on edge. One of the nurses, Haleh Adams (Yvette Freeman), thinks she recognizes her, but Dr. Banfield says she is mistaken. Later of course, in a flashback, it is shown that Banfield brought her son in after a seizure where he was diagnosed with acute leukemia, and died from advanced complications that arose due to the disease. She is later able to deal with her sons’ death and the part that she felt she had played in it.


My Opinion

This show has it all. Drama (medical and otherwise), action, romance and comedy. It definitely hits on many life issues, as well as medical ones of course. There are a myriad of storylines over the 15 season period, some small and quickly resolved, and some that last, and last, and last. Any way you look at it, this show is worth the time to start watching. The many twists and turns, as well as different characters that go in and out, make it unique. I give this series 9 out of 10.


The Cast                                   Years

John Carter-Noah Wyle                         1994-2009
Kerry Weaver-Laura Innes                    1995-2009
Chuny Marquez-Laura Ceron                 1995-2009
Abby Lockhart-Maura Tierney                1999-2009
Malik McGrath-Deezer D                        1994-2009
Haleh Adams-Yvette Freeman                1994-2009
Luka Kovac-Goran Visnjic                      1999-2008
Mark Greene-Anthony Edwards              1994-2008
Peter Benton-Eriq La Salle                     1994-2009
Doris Pickman-Emily Wagner                 1994-2009
Elizabeth Corday-Alex Kingston              1997-2009
Pamela Olbes-Lyn Alicia Henderson       1995-2009
Susan Lewis-Sherry Stringfield               1994-2009
Jerry Markovic-Abraham Benrubi            1994-2009
Gregory Pratt-Mekhi Phifer                     2002-2008
Carol Hathaway-Julianna Margulies        1994-2009
Neela Rasgotra-Parminder Nagra           2003-2009
Frank Martin-Troy Evans                        1994-2009
Lily Jarvik-Lily Mariye                             1994-2009
Samantha Taggart-Linda Cardellini         2003-2009
Robert Romano-Paul McCrane               1997-2008
Jing-Mei Chen-Ming-Na Wen                  1995-2004
Dwight Zadro-Montae Russell                 1995-2009
Lydia Wright-Ellen Crawford                   1994-2009
Connie Oligario-Conni Marie Brazelton   1994-2003
Archie Morris-Scott Grimes                     2003-2009
Doug Ross-George Clooney                   1994-2009
Jeanie Boulet-Gloria Reuben                  1995-2008
Brian Dumar-Brian Lester                       1996-2009
Donald Anspaugh-John Aylward              1996-2008
Nurse Shirley-Dinal Lenney                     1995-2009
Randi Fronczak-Kristin Minter                  1995-2003
Ray Barnett-Shane West                         2004-2009
Tony Gates-John Stamos                         2005-2009
Lucien Dubenko-Leland Orser                  2004-2009
Michael Gallant-Sharif Atkins                    2001-2006
Yosh Takata-Gedde Watanabe                1997-2003
Christine Harms-Michelle Bonilla              1999-2009
Cleo Finch-Michael Michele                     1999-2002
Morales-Demetrius Navarro                     1998-2009
Paramedic Bardelli-Louie Liberti               2003-2009
Dave Malucci-Erik Palladino                     1999-2001
Lucy Knight-Kellie Martin                          1998-2000

Dawn Archer-Angel Laketa Moore             2006-2009
Maggie Doyle-Jorja Fox                            1996-1999
David Morgenstern-William H. Macy         1994-2009
Carla Reece-Lisa Nicole Carson               1996-2001
Jackie Robbins-Khandi Alexander             1995-2001
Jennifer Greene-Christine Hamos             1994-2002
Simon Brenner-David Lyons                      2008-2009
Nurse Kit-Bellina Logan                             1996-2008
Wendy Goldman-Vanessa Marquez           1994-1997
Janet Coburn-Amy Aquino                          1995-2009
Reese Benton-Matthew Watkins                1999-2009
Anna Del Amico-Maria Bello                       1997-1998
Dustin Crenshaw-J.P. Manoux                   1996-2008
Sarah Riley-Chloe Greenfield                     2006-2009
Angela Hicks-CCH Pounder                        1994-1997
Paul Grady-Gil McKinney                            2007-2009
Alex Taggart-Domninc Janes                      2005-2009 (also played by Oliver Davis 2003-2005)
Rachel Greene-Yvonne Zima                     1994-2000 (also played by Hallee Hirsh 2001-2009)
Perry-Perry Anzilotti                                    1994-2009
Cate Banfield-Angela Bassett                     2008-2009
Nurse Dori-Kyle Richards                           1998-2006
Jack Kayson-Sam Anderson                       1994-2007
Adele Newman-Erica Gimpel                       1997-2003
Joe Kovac-Aidan & Andrew Gonzales         2006-2009
Chloe Lewis-Kathleen Wilhoite                   1994-2002
Alexander Babcock-David Brisbin               1998-2002
Al Boulet-Michael Beach                             1995-1997
Millicent Carter-Frances Sternhagen           1997-2003
Ray ‘Shep’ Shepard- Ron Eldard                 1995-1996
Nurse Amira-Pamela Sinha                         1999-2005
Chaz Pratt-Sam Jones III                            2005-2009
Jacy-Nadia Shazana                                   2001-2008
Jane Figler-Sara Gilbert                              2004-2007
Timmy Rawlins-Glenn Plummer                   1994-2007
Dale Edson-Matthew Glave                        1996-2002
Harper Tracy-Christine Elise                       1995-1996
David Greene-John Cullum                         1997-2000
OR Nurse Janet-Suzanne Carney               1994-2000
EMT Lars Audia-J.P. Hubbell                      1997-1999
Officer Wilson-Chad McKnight                    1995-2006
Hope Bobeck-Busy Philipps                        2006-2007
Officer Reggie Moore-Cress Williams         1998-2008
Kim Legaspi-Elizabeth Mitchell                    2000-2001
Makemba ‘Kem’ Likasu-Thandie Newton     2003-2009
Bettina DeJesus-Gina Ravera                    2006-2008
Cynthia Hooper-Mariska Hargitay               1997-1998
Reidy-Brendan Patrick Connor                   2006-2009
E-Ray-Charles Noland                                1995-1997
Nurse Bjerke-Lucy Rodriguez                     1996-2003
Victor Clemente-John Leguizamo               2005-2006
Officer Al Grabarsky-Mike Genovese         1994-2000
Steven Flint-Scott Jaeck                            1994-2002
Officer Hollis-Christopher Amitrano             2006-2009
Maggie Wyczenski-Sally Field                    2000-2006
Paul Myers-Michael B. Silver                     1995-2009
Sandy Lopez-Lisa Vidal                              2001-2004
X-Ray Tech-Stuart McLean                        1998-2004
John ‘Tag’ Taglien-Rick Rossovich             1994-1995
Katey Alvaro-Malaya Rivera Drew              2006-2007

Harold Zelinsky-Steven Christopher Parker 2005-2008
Tracy Martin-Emily Rose                             2008-2009
Chuck Martin-Donal Logue                          2003-2005
Lester Kertzenstein-Rossif Sutherland        2003-2004
Kevin Moretti-Stanley Tucci                        2007-2008
Wendall Meade-Madchen Amick                 2004-2005
Jake Scanlon-Eion Bailey                           2004-2005
Linda Farrell-Andrea Parker                        1994-1995
Diane Leeds-Lisa Zane                                   1995
Carl Deraad-John Doman                           1999-2003
Dennis Gant-Omar Epps                             1996-1997
Daria Wade-Shin Appleby                           1994-2009
Laverne St. John-Bresha Webb                  2008-2009
Duvata Mahal-Sumalee Montano                 2002-2005
Loretta Sweet-Mary Mara                           1995-1996
Claudia Diaz-Justina Machado                    1997-2009
Roxanne Please-Julie Bowen                      1998-1999
Carl Vucelich-Ron Rifkin                              1995-1996
Abby Keaton-Glenne Headly                        1996-1997
Lynette Evans-Penny Johnson                    1998-1999
Nurse Suri-Nasim Pedrad                             2007-2009
Ari-Kim Strauss                                            2005-2007
Russell Banfield-Courtney B. Vance             2008-2009
Meg Riley-Paula Malcomson                        2006-2007
Mae Benton-Beah Richards                         1994-1995
David Cvetic-John Terry                                  1994
Walter Robbins-Ving Rhames                      1994-1996
Chase Carter-Jonathan Scarfe                    1997-2001
Pablo-Sam Vlahos                                       1997-2003
Bogdana Lewinski-Malgorzata Gebel           1994-1995
Eric Wyczenski-Tom Everett Scott               2002-2003
Erin Harkins-Leslie Bibb                               2002-2003
Roger McGrath-Vondie Curtis-Hall               1994-2001

EMT-Lee R. Sellars                                     1994-1995
Dr. Upton-Megan Cole                                 1996-2003
Officer Billy Wilder-Eric Payne                     1999-2003
Julia Dupree-Reiko Aylesworth                     2007-2008
Jake Leeds-Zachary Browne                            1995
Mary Cain-Deborah May                              1996-2002
EMT Riley Brown-Scott Michael Campbell         1996
Andrew Wade-Julian Morris                          2008-2009
Jessica Albright-Dahlia Salem                       2005-2006
Olivia Evans-China Shavers                         2005-2006
Angela Gilliam-Charlayne Woodard               2006-2007
Larry Weston-Marc Jablon                            2007-2008
Nurse Inez-April L. Hernandez                       2005-2006
K.J. Thibeaux-Jordan Calloway                     2005-2006
Liz Dade-Tara Karsian                                  2005-2009
Helen-Hathaway-Rose Gregorio                   1996-1999
Ellis West-Clancy Brown                               1997-1998
Darnell Thibeaux-Hassan Johnson                2005-2007
Leon-Marcello Thedford                                2002-2003
Camacho-Rick Marzan                                  1994-1995
William Swift-Michael Ironside                       1995-2002
Nicole-Julie Delpy                                              2001
Isabelle Corday-Judy Parfitt                          2000-2002
Severa-Liza Del Mundo                                 2003-2004
Nurse Mary-Mary Heiss                                2000-2009
Chopper EMT Dee McManus-Meg Thalken   1996-2008
Sarah Langworthy-Tyra Ferrell                         1994
Eve Peyton-Kristen Johnston                           2005
Curtis Ames-Forest Whitaker                        2006-2007
Greg Fischer-Harry Lennix                                1997
Paramedic Raul Melendez-Carlos Gomez      1995-1996
Ben Parker-Kip Pardue                                  2006-2007
Gillian-Simone-Elise Girard                            2003-2004
Fire Captain Dannaker-Ed Lauter                  1998-2002
Debbie-Mary McCormack                              2003-2006
Courtney Brown-Michelle Hurd                       2006-2007
Ryan Sanchez-Victor Rasuk                          2008-2009
Neonatologist Dr. Tabash-Ted Rooney          1997-1998
Nina Pomerantiz-Jami Gertz                               1997
Charlie Chiemingo-Kirsten Dunst                   1996-1997
Mobalage Ikabo-Dijmon Hounsou                       1999
Florina Lopez-Renee Victor                                2004
Nick Cooper-Glenn Howerton                             2003
John ‘Jack’ Carter Jr.-Michael Gross             2001-2004
Det. Ed Bernstein-Michael Patrick McGill       2002-2009
Paramedic Niki-Julie Ann Emery                    2001-2003
Zeke-Andres Delgado                                    2003-2004
Allison Beaumont-Michele Morgan                 1997-1998
Frequent Flyer-Larry Michelson                     2001-2005
ICU Nurse Corazon-Linda Shing                    2001-2003
Skye Wexler-Kari Matchett                            2007-2008
Jules ‘Ruby’ Rubadoux-Red Buttons              1995-2005
Steve Curtis-Garret Dillahunt                         2005-2006
Pastor Watkins-Keith David                           2006-2007
Scott Anspaugh-Trevor Morgan                          1998
Gabriel Lawrence-Alan Alda                               1999
Eddie Dorset-Bruno Campos                              2003
Jeremy Lawson-Paul Blackthorne                       2004
Elaine Nichols-Rebecca De Mornay                   1999
Zoe Butler-Kat Dennings                                2005-2006
Dave Spencer-Steven Culp                            1999-2004
Dr. Nelson-Maury Sterling                               2004-2006
Lucy Moore-Ariel Winter                                     2009
Richard Lockhart-Mark Valley                         2000-2003
Mae Lee Park-Julia Ling                                 2006-2007
Stella Willis-Diane Delano                              1997-2002
Penny Nicholson-Jillian Bach                          2004-2006
Officer Newkirk-Demetrius Grosse                  2008-2009
Marisol-Monica Guzman                                      2008
Karen Hines-Marg Helgenberger                         1996
Officer Durcy-David Roberson                        2000-2002
Rena Trujillo-Lourdes Benedicto                          2001
Eleanor Carter-Mary McDonnell                      2001-2002
Brian Westlake-Matthew Settle                           2002
Jodie Kenyon-Callie Thorne                            2005-2006
Crazy Guy-Spider Madison                             1997-2004
Rolando-Rolando Molina                                 1995-1996
Waitress-Joanie Fox                                      1996-2002
P.K. Simon-Richard Minchenberg                   1995-1996
Security Guard-Christopher Michael               1997-2004
Richard Elliot-Armand Assante                            2006
Charlie Pratt Sr.-Danny Glover                           2006
Max Gonzalez-Dorian Christian Baucum         2008-2009
Joanie Moore-Hedy Burress                               2009
Neil Bernstein-David Spielberg                           1996
Paul Nathan-Don Cheadle                                  2002
Barry Grossman-Charles Esten                      2007-2008
Roxanne Gaines-Charlotte Rae                          2008
George Henry-Chad Lowe                              1997-2005
Heather Morgan-Caitlin Dulany                            1997
Gracie-Lois Smith                                                2007
Bishop Stewart-James Cromwell                          2001
Javier-Jesse Borrego                                     1997-2008
Ken Sung-Daniel Dae Kim                               2003-2004
Officer Litchman-Joe Manganiello                        2007
Transport Dispatcher Tony Fig-Jeff Cahill        1998-1999
Herb Spivak-Dan Hedaya                                1997-2005
Kaya Montoya-Julia Jones                                   2008
Emily-Julie Ariola                                             2003-2004
Liz-Liz Vassey                                                      1994
Kynesha-Toy Connor                                       2000-2001
Serena Lipnicki-Natacha Roi                                 2007
Mr. Chen-George Cheung                                1999-2004
Henry Lewis-Paul Dooley                                 1995-2004
David Kotlowitz-Dennis Boutsikans                        1998
Dr. Bradley-Pierre Epstein                                1994-1996
Marty Kline-Christopher Grove                          2002-2006
Joshua Lipnicki-Miles Heizer                                  2007
Claire-Channing Chase                                          1996
Elgin Gibbs-James Earl                                          2004
Kobe Ikabo-Akosua Busia                                      1999
Joi Abbott-Valerie Mauaffey                                   1999
Steve Curtis-Cole Hauser                                      2004
Stan-Harrison Page                                           2001-2002
Howard Ritzke-Andy Powers                                  2004
Amanda Lee-Mare Winningham                         1998-1999
Alderman John Bright-Bruce Weitz                         2003
Ivan Gregor-John LaMotta                                     1994
Chris Law-Joe Torry                                              1997
Joyce Westlake-Christina Hendricks                      2002
Mr. Brooks-John Prosky                                         2004
Dr. Zagerby-Iqbal Theba                                    1997-2001
Griffin-Daniel Farber                                          2004-2005
Roger McGrath-Victor Williams                          1998-2001
McGillis-Valeri Ross                                          1994-1995
Chaplain Miller-Skip Stellrecht                            1996-2002
Meg Corwin-Martha Plimpton                                  1999
Officer Danny Yau-Bobby Nish                           2005-2006
Tiffany-Michelle Wong                                        2007-2008
Dean Rollins-Lawrence Monoson                       1999-2000
Jimmy Sweet-Jake Lloyd                                        1996
Ricky Abbott-Kyle Chambers                                   1999
Lovejoy-Burt Bulos                                             1999-2001
Med Student Ludlow-Giovannie Espiritu             2004-2005
Bartender-Sasha Mitchell                                   2004-2005
Steven Robbins-Mark Dakota Robinson            1995-1998
Security Guard-Bob Minor                                 1999-2005
Med Student Sheila-Shi Ne Nielson                    2003-2004
Brenda-Debbie Podowski                                   2000-2002
Det. Watkins-Mirron E. Willis                             1995-2002
Firefighter-Barry Biondo                                     1994-2008
Jason-New Resident-Greg Herman                    1994-1995
Ambulance Driver-Troy Martin                            2000-2001
Coco Robbins-Sheila Kelley                               1998-1999
Mei-Sun Leow-Lucy Liu                                          1995
Mike Gates-Stacy Keach                                        2007
Anastasia Johnson-Imani Hakim                             2009
Sheryl Hawkins-Aida Turturro                                  2008
Stephen Dakarai-Eamonn Walker                           2006
David Herlihy-Dwier Brown                                     1996
Iris-Joanna Gleason                                               1996
Nat-Brent Jennings                                             1997-2000
Charles Corday-Paul Freeman                            1998-2002
Jerry Van Dyke is the younger brother of actor, Dick Van Dyke.
Rebecca Chadwick-Pat Carroll                               2005
Gail Herlihy-Cecil Hoffman                                      1996
Al Ervin-Paul Benjamin                                        1994-2002
Charles-Jarreth J. Merz                                           2003
Judge Alter-Castulo Guerra                                 1998-2001
Ben Hollander-Bob Newhart                                     2003
Roberta ‘Birdie’ Chadwick-Louise Fletcher               2005
Al Patterson-Alan Dale                                         2000-2001
Ms. Prager-Roma Maffia                                          2001
Eddie Wyczenski-Fred Ward                               2006-2007
Audiologist-Freda Foh Shen                                1998-1999
Angelique-Pragna Desai                                           2003
Mookie ‘Slice’ James-Christian Coleman                  1994
Bernard Gamely-Vince Vieluf                                    1998
Wright-Vyto Ruginis                                             2006-2007
Patrick-Kevin Michael Richardson                            1994
Ray Ross-James Farentino                                      1996
Manish-Asaif Mandvi                                            2006-2007
Leila Morgan-Debra Mooney                                1999-2009
Hospital Administrator Spooner-Christine Healy   1994-1999
Carl Ferris-Roger Robinson                                 1998-2001
Andrew-Andrew Bowen                                        1999-2000
Detective-Brad Blaisdell                                       2000-2003
Mr. Fletcher-Gerry Black                                           2000
Sheila Johnson-Monique Daniels                              2009
William Litman-Chris Edwards                                  1996
Paul Sobriki-David Krumholtz                                2000-2002
Sakina-Barbara Eve Harris                                       2003
Paramedic Greg Powell-George Eads                  1997-1998
Roger Julian-Tom Gallop                                           1999
Zahara-Quanita Adams                                             2006
Nurse Anna Waldron-Cynthia Cervini                    2002-2005
Sean Simmons-Patrick Fugit                                     2003
Police Officer-Michael Pena                                      2003
Heather-Elizabeth Barondes                                 1996-1999
Max Rocher-James Le Gros                                     1998
Valerie Gallant-Joy Bryant                                    2003-2004
William White-Keith Robinson                                  2001
James McNulty-Edward Asner                                  2003
Perez-Petra Porras                                                  1994
Gordon Price-Matt Craven                                    2000-2001
Samantha Sobriki-Liza Weil                                  2000-2002
Harriet-Sonya Eddy                                               2001-2006
Ishaak-Thomas Kariuki                                             2006
Hulda-Nicole Nagel                                                   1995
Cullen-Oscar Jordan                                                 1994
Tatiana-Milana Vayntrub                                           1995
Cabbie-Kwame Amoaku                                        1998-2006
Joanie Robbins-Tamala Jones                              1995-2001
Walton-Gregory Wagrowski                                  2004-2006
Hernandez-Kamar de los Reyes                                1995
Det. Greider-David Patrick Green                          2006-2007
Dr. Burke-Chris Sarandon                                      2000-2002
Valerie-Ann Shea                                                   1995-1996
Hospital Officer-Derick Alexander                           2006-2007
Nurse Sandra-Elizabeth Rodriguez                         1999-2001
Sam Broder-Ray Porter                                         1999-2001
Dialysis Tech-David Joyner                                   2004-2006
Paramedic Silva-Claudine Claudio                         2000-2001
Annie Sweet-Ashlee Lauren                                       1996
Niko-Zoran Radanovich                                             2007
Ernesto Ruiz-Roberto Alvarez                                    1997
CT Tech-Russell Edge                                           2003-2004
News Anchor-Warner Saunders                            1995-2003
Sydney Spencer-Kali Majors                                      2004
Officer Jones-Eddie B. Smith                                 2005-2008
Dan Shine-Randy Lowell                                        2000-2003
Jesse-Christopher Richardson                                   1995
Alger-Jim Jenkins                                                       2001
Nurse Claire-Tane Kawasaki                                 2003-2006
Bailiff-Johnny Ray McGhee                                   1999-2001

Davis-Ron Reaco Lee                                           2000-2001
Nurse Tess-Kelsey Oldershaw                                   2004
Helen ‘Silvie’ Rubadoux-Billye Ree Wallace           1995-1996
Guillermo-Danny Mora                                                2004
Jim Babinski-Michael Spellman                                   2005
Gloria-Page Leong                                                 1998-2001
Flight Nurse-Kris Murphy                                        2002-2003
Father Joe Galloway-Marcelo Tubert                          2001
Smith-Tod Thawley                                                1999-2001
Bret-Misha Collins                                                 2005-2006
Bobby Kenyon-Shea Whigham                                   2006
Jordan-Michael Raymond James                           2004-2009
Helen Hathaway-Georgiana Tarjan                        1994-1995
CT Nurse-Rise Stefani                                           2001-2003
Chia-Chia-Joshua Hoon Cho                                      1995
Tyler Pollard-Daniel Spink                                           2001
Dancer-David Banuelos                                         1996-1997
Young Professional-Nelson Carvajal                           2009
Intern-Brian Irvin                                                         2009
Surgeon-Indra Patel                                                    2009
Mary Taggart-Amy Madigan                                        2009
Ms. Brown-Lili Flanders                                              1995
Becky Riley-Frances Conroy                                  2007-2008
Mr. Krawczyk-Tim De Zarn                                     1995-1996
Diane Moore-Annabella Sciorra                                  2007
Colonel James Gallant-Ernie Hudson                          2006
Kelly Taggart-Shannon Woodward                              2009
Mrs. O’Fallon-Molly Price                                        2000-2008
Gloria Gallant-Sheryl Lee Ralph                                  2006
Dr. Ramsey-Patrick Cassidy                                       2008
Doris-Tracy Vilar                                                         1997
Craig Turner-Paul Hipp                                                2002
Mary Warner-Natasha Gregson Wagner                     2006
Ethan Mackiner-Jason George                               2007-2008
Linda Pryor-Cynthia Ettinger                                  1994-2004
Craig Simon-Bruce Nozick                                      1995-1996
Antoine Bell-Corey Parker Robinson                           1999
Rick Kendrick-Michael Ealy                                    2002-2003
Jody Holmes-Lake Bell                                                2002
Stephanie Lowenstein-Jessica Hecht                          2005
Norman Chapman-Tony Hale                                  2008-2009
Christine-Liza Lapira                                                    2008
Madame X-Rosemary Clooney                                    1994
Joe (Chloe’s Boyfriend)-Michael C. Mahon                  1996
Dr. Rabb-L. Scott Caldwell                                      2004-2006
Evelyn Pratt-Tina Lifford                                              2005
Rafe Hendricks-Michael Weston                                  2006
Everett Daniels-Robert Gossett                                   2008
Paul Manning-Ernest Borgnine                                     2009
Bill Nelson-Michael Jace                                              1997
Valerie Page-Myndy Crist                                        1999-2000
Patrique-Abdul Ayoola                                                  2003
Sarah Wilson-Liz Torres                                               2003
Eduardo Lopez-Jose Zuniga                                         2004
Rhonda Sterling-Jeny O’Hara                                       1996
Ruth Greene-Bonnie Bartlett                                    1997-1998
Norma Houston-Veronica Cartwright                             1997
Lisa Parks-Phyllis Frelich                                         1998-1999
Kipke-Jack Carter                                                     2005-2006
Jaspreet-Rebecca Hazlewood                                       2008
Dana Ellis-Ashley Johnson                                            1998
Jodi-Andi Chapman                                                       1995
Laura Quentin-Danielle Harris                                       1997
Seth Willows-Vincent Berry                                           1999
Mr. Chen-Henry O                                                         2004
Mr. Kirkendall-Raphael Sbarge                                      2005
Cookie Lewis-Valerie Perrine                                       1995
Med Student Ivan Fu-Joel de la Fuente                         1997
Vicki McNeal-Tara Chocol                                             1998
Richard Abbott-Conor O’Farrell                                     1999
Derek Fossen-Ted Marccoux                                        2001
Mrs. Kottmeier-Roxanne Hart                                        1999
Med Student James Sasser-Justin Henry                      1997
Katie Reed-Clea DuVall                                                 1997
Chad Kottmeier-Emile Hirsch                                         1999
Hank Riley-Bill Bolender                                            2007-2008
Hank Loman-Paul Adelstein                                      1999-2002
Blaire Collins-Stana Katic                                              2005
Harry Stopak-Ken Lerner                                          1994-2002
Betty-Eileen Brennan                                                     1996
Dr. Mack-Kathleen Lloyd                                           1997-1998
Det. Weller-Stacey Travis                                         1997-1998
April Robinson-Davenia McFadden                           1998-2009
Dr. Keinholz-Kenneth Tigar                                            1998
Det. Cruson-Leo Rossi                                             1999-2000
Mrs. Wilson-Virginia Capers                                          2001
Jad Houston-Chad Lindberg                                          1997
Bible Guy-Jon Sklaroff                                              1998-2008
Mr. Ellis-Tommy Hinkley                                                 1998
Debbie Martin-Jonelle Allen                                       2000-2003
Det. Stetler-Keith Diamond                                             2000
George Deakins-Patrick Kerr                                         2004
Sarah Ross-Piper Laurie                                          1995-1996
Dr. McLucas-Stephanie Dunnam                                   1999
Off. Tom Bennini-Joe Basile                                          2000
Lieutenant Swersky-Joe Lisi                                     1997-2002
Mr. Gilman-Patrick Cranshaw                                    1998-2003
Mrs. Simmons-Elizabeth Morehead                                2003
Willy Archibald-Sam Scarber                                     1995-1997
Tom Putnam-Angelo Tiffe                                          1998-2005
Mrs. Shayotovich-Liane Curtis                                      2001
Jim Riley-George Gerdes                                              2007
Mr. Bristol-James T. Callahan                                   1997-2000
Timmy Jankowski-Skyler Gisondo                                  2006
Captain John Evans-Tim Griffin                                     2006
Jose Rodriguez-Jacob Urrutia                                       2006
Kathy Brennan-Connie Sawyer                                 1999-2006
Zakar Papazian-Ken Davitian                                    2000-2007
Phil Tobiason-Christopher John Fields                      2000-2001
Dr. Lutz-Dee Freeman                                                  2002
Mr. Butler-Brad Greenquist                                       2005-2006
Mrs. Raskin-Julianna McCarthy                                1994-2002
Carter Board Member-Bruce Gay                             1995-2004
Judge Amoroso-Petrea Burchard                                  2004
Walter Perkins-Hal Holbrook                                         2008
Det. Ford-Shashawnee Hall                                          1997
Hector Rodriguez-Ty Granderson Jones                       2006
Joe Bernero-Tom McGowan                                     1999-2000
April Wilson-Vernee Watson-Johnson                           2001
Nick Dunn-David Kaufman                                             2004
Betty Dixon-Alaina Reed-Hall                                        2007
Dr. Davitch-Steven Anderson                                       1996
Brian Moretti-Michael Rady                                          2007
Joe Chattarowski-Jimmie F. Skaggs                         1998-1999
Graham Baker-Carl Lumbly                                           1999
Mr. Skapinski-Jeffrey Alan Chandler                              2001
Ella Greene-Cabria & Brittney Baird                              2004
Sandra Li-Marion Yue                                                   1995
Jean Connelly-Amzie Strickland                                1999-2000
Helen Riley-Deka Beaudine                                           2007
George Dunleavy-Bruce Wright                                1997-2000
Mrs. Shimahara-Keiko Agena                                   1998-2009
Dr. David Harvey-Andy Umberger                             2002-2003
Officer Trudy Lange-Mary E. Kennedy                          2006
John Truman Carter, Sr.-George Plimpton                1998-2006
Robin Turner-Heidi Swedberg                                       2002
Dr. Craig-Anthony Starke                                              2008
Sam Breedlove-Don Perry                                        1996-1997
Frank ‘Rambo’ Bacon-Morris Chestnut                          2000
Carmen Turino-Salli Saffioti                                          2001
Jocelyn Pratt-Cecily Lewis                                           2005
Joey Paige-Theodore Borders                                  1995-1997
Wayne Lentloff-Steve Vinowich                                1996-1997
Agent Vickery-Veralyn Jones                                    1999-2008

Dr. Gina-Gina Calica                                                 2002-2008
Roberto Rosales-Jeremy Ray Valdez                           2005
Officer Sadig-Dumisani Mbebe                                     2006
Med Student Stanley Mao-Eddie Shin                           2001
Brad Enloe-Aldis Hodge                                            1998-2003
Robert Martin-Bryan Rasmussen                                  1999
Linsey Cordova-Amy Stewart                                        2000
Dusty Father-Abdoulaye NGom                                     2003
Officer Rowner-Louis Iacoviello                                    2006
Tommy Stevens-Jesse Head                                        1999
Walter Nikolaides-Tom Bosley                                      2001
Mrs. Harrison-Catherine Grace                                 2006-2009
Jill Connelly-Carissa Kosta                                       2006-2007
Mrs. Howard-Adrian Ricard                                       1999-2001
Erika Crawford-Rhyon Nicol Brown                           2000-2003
TC Lucas-Gabrielle Boni                                               1996
Mrs. Tanzi-Flora Burke                                                  2001

Reporter Justine-Esther Chae                                       2003
Leung Joo Hua-Melissa Chan                                   1996-1997
Jesse Robbins-Andrew McFarlane                                2000
Dr. Gunn-David Allen Brooks                                     2002-2003
Manny Bonilla-E.L. James                                         2003-2008
Solomon Rourke-Reg Basco Hernandez                        2006
Bennett Owens-Michael Earl Reid                                 2007
Dr. MacGruder-Michael Bryan French                       1995-1996
Mrs. Robbins-Suanne Spoke                                     1997-2008
Sadig’s Deputy-Tshamano Sebe                                    2006
Noah Krawczyk-Jesse Littlejohn                                1995-1996
Det. Barnes-Lance E. Nichols                                        2006
Dr. Hennessy-Lisa Dinkins                                        1995-1998
Mrs. Zarian-Sandy Martin                                          1996-2001
Hillary Lerner-Ann Ryerson                                        1997-2006
Nurse Joyce-Tricia Dong                                               1998
Mrs. Newberry-Ruth Manning                                     2000-2002
Corrine Munoz-Norma Maldonado                              2001-1002
Derek Anderson-Danny Jacobsen                                  2002
Mr. Stegman-Julius Tennon                                        1995-2001
Chasity Lee-Meredith Zinner                                          1997
Miriam Nagarvala-Alice Amter                                         1998
Sister Monica-Eleanor Comegys                                2001-2002
Jeremy Munson-Anthony Giangrande                              2005
Zach Herlihy-Jonathan Patterson                                    1996
Mrs. Law-Louisa Abernathy                                             1997
Nurse Kass-Janni Brenn                                            1998-1999
Celia Abbott-Devyn LaBella                                             1999
Del Torre-Javi Mulero                                                      1995
Mrs. Foster-Clarinda Ross                                         1997-2000
Eddie Bernero-Ben Hecht                                           1999-2000
Det. Brannigan-Billy Mayo                                          1995-1999
Derrick Royston-Oren Williams                                  1996-2002
Nathan Prior-Radmar Agana Jao                                1996-2000
Dr. Dyer-David Selburg                                               1995-2002
Carlos Lopez-Tito Ortiz                                                    2004
Nurse Vivian-Jeannie Lee                                               1999
Frank Mikami-Richard Narita                                       1998-2003
Firefighter Hudson-Richard Lexsee                             1996-2004
Louis Maddox-P.J. Palmer                                          1999-2002
Kristen Shoop-Miranda Kwok                                          2002
Dr. Subramanian-K.T. Thangavelu                                   2004
Orderly Enriquez-Thomas Rosales, Jr.                            2002
Judge Lahn-Michael J. London                                        2006
Alma Benitez-Karla Zamudio                                            2003
Mrs. Breeland-Peggy Mannix                                      1997-2002
Estelle Webb-Viola Kates Stimpson                            1995-1997
Jennifer Compton-Stein-Rachel Shapiro                          2003
Evette Anspaugh-Brooke Stephens                                 1998
Biz ‘Dukey’ Cummins-Arlow Stewart                             2002-2003
Dr. Ashley-Matthew Robert Gottlieb                                 1994
Prison Ward Nurse Judy Rogers-Marilyn Sue Perry    1999-2001
Thomas Gabriel-Kenneth Alan Williams                       1998-1999
Sue Manning-Lynn Ann Leveridge                               2000-2009
Marjorie Manning-Beverly Polcyn                                    2009
Mr. Gaither-John Marshall Jones                                    1995
Kathy Snyder-Megan Gallagher                                      1996
Michael Kenny-Michael Manassen                                  1994
David Rodriguez-Paul Vasquez                                   1997-2004
Intimidating African Soldier-Mareo-Ahmir Lawson            2003



This series was a medical drama that was created by novelist, Michael Crichton. It is the longest-running primetime medical drama in the history of American television. It ran for a total of 15 seasons, with 331 episodes altogether. And not only did it make history with the length of time that it ran, but also with the amount of awards that it was nominated for during its run. It was nominated for 124 Emmy Awards. It won a total amount of 116 awards, including the Peabody Award, and four Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Ensemble Performance in a Drama Series by the cast.

Anthony Edwards (Mark Greene), first opportunity to direct came with the series, ER. Edwards was not fired from the show, but requested that he be written out, due to his deep desire to pursue directing.

Michael Michele (Cleo Finch) had a role in the movie, “Harlem Nights”, but it quickly disappeared after she filed a sexual harassment suit against Eddie Murphy. The case was later settled out of court.

The boy who plays the character of Peter Benton’s son, Reese, is actually hearing-impaired, just as the character of Reese is.

Ming-Na Wen (Jing-Mei Chen) was named by People Magazine as one of the “100 Most Beautiful People in the World” in 2008.

Mekhi Phifer is not only an actor, but an entrepreneur as well. He is actually the youngest owner of Athlete’s Foot, (the athletic franchise), and he has six stores.

William H. Macy (David Morgenstern), after filming the movie, “Door to Door” became a spokesperson for United Cerebral Palsy.

Television : ER

The original cast of the series had a combined total of 25 Emmy nominations for both leading and supporting acting categories in the years of 1995-2000. The only one to win was Julianna Margulies for best supporting actress in 1995.

Noah Wyle (John Carter) achieved the feat of becoming a holder of the “highest paid TV drama actor per episode” record, according to The Guinness Book of World Records 2005 Special 50th Anniversary Edition. This occurred during the 10th season, when Wyle was receiving $400,000 per episode. His approximate salary while on ER was about 9 million dollars per year.

George Clooney (Doug Ross) ranked #1 on TV Guide’s list of “50 Sexiest TV Stars of All-Time”.

The first fiancé of Laura Innes (Kerry Weaver) was murdered in the early 80’s.

John Stamos’ true last name is Stamotopoulos. His grandparents shortened the name when they came to America from Greece.


The character of Luka Kovac, played by Goran Visnjic, was named by Visnjic because the writers could not come up with a suitable Croatian name. Visnjic named the character after his nephew (Luka), and his best friend, (Kovac).

Another reason that Anthony Edwards left the series ER was because he wanted to spend more time with his family. He has been married to Jeanine Lobell, since 1994, and has four children together. His wife, Jeanine, founded the Stila cosmetics line in 1994, and later sold the company to Estee Lauder, in 1999.

Julianna Marguiles (Carol Hathaway) is the only member of the regular cast of ER to win an Emmy Award. She is also tied with actor, Alec Baldwin, for winning the most Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Alex Kingston (Elizabeth Corday) speaks German fluently.

ER tied with the popular sitcom, Cheers, in 2007 for being the most Emmy-nominated series ever with a grand total of 117 nominations.

Anthony Edwards is the chairman for the non-profit organization called, Shoe4Africa. This organization donates shoes to Kenyan athletes. Edwards ran in the ING New York City Marathon, in order to raise funds for them. Shoe4Africa is also planning on building the largest public children’s hospital in all of Africa.

Kellie Martin (Lucy Knight) left ER so that she could finish Yale.

Sharif Atkins’ (Michael Gallant), father in real-life, David, is a judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County.


Anthony Edwards almost didn’t play the role of Mark Greene. While always the absolute first choice for the character, he was supposed to direct a film at the same time as the pilot was supposed to shoot, and was unfortunately not going to be available. By a stroke of luck, his movie was pushed back and he was able to film the pilot.

Maura Tierney (Abby Lockhart) is a breast cancer survivor.

Anthony Edwards gave $350,000 to picture book illustrator, Steven Kellogg. Edwards has been a close friend of his since he was a teenager. By giving Kellogg this gift, he made it possible for the illustrators’ complete life’s works, (more than 2700 illustrations), to be able to be donated to the Mazza Museum of International Art from Picture Books.

Parminder Nagra (Neela Rasgotra) won the FIFA Presidential Award for her role in the movie, “Bend It Like Beckham”. She is the first woman ever to win the award.

William H. Macy and his wife Felicity Huffman lived together for 15 years before they actually got married.

Linda Cardellini had her first child, a daughter, at the age of 36. She had to deliver her via an emergency caesarean section when the umbilical cord became wrapped around the baby’s neck. Her daughters’ name is Lilah-Rose.

The series ran on Thursday nights for its total run, with the exceptions of the pilot and the finale.

George Clooney, who is not only, an actor, but a director, screenwriter and producer as well, is also very noted for his political activism. Since the year 2008, he has served as one of the United Nations Messengers of Peace. He is also known for his humanitarian work. This includes raising funds for the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the 2004 Tsunami, and also for the September 11th victims as well. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and has also made documentaries like the Sand and Sorrow to help to create consciousness about international crises. He is also a supporter of finding a resolution to the Darfur conflict.

One of Kellie Martin’s internet fans at Kellie Martin Listserv made a donation on her 21st birthday as a gift to one of her favorite charities, The Pediatric AIDS Foundation. The amount was $635.00.

The show’s complete first season main cast, was also in the fifteenth and last season.

Sherry Stringfield (Susan Lewis) left ER during the third season of the show, despite being contractually obligated through season five. She wanted to leave the difficult filming schedule, as well as have a more “normal life”. To get out of her contract, she had to sign a no-work agreement, which simply put, means that she could not work on television for the remainder of her original contract. Stringfield later returned to the show in season 8, and left again in season 12. And like several other cast members, she did return for the series finale.

ER has more Emmy nominations at 123, than any other show in television history.

Eriq La Salle (Peter Benton) is talented in martial arts.


Scott Grimes (Archie Morris) is not only an actor but he is known for his singing as well. He began singing when he was just a child, and appeared on a Bob Hope TV Special, where he sang the song, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. It was taped in Sweden, in front of both the King and the Queen. He also sang as a guest vocalist on Richard Carpenters’ album, “Time”, in 1987. As for his own albums, Grimes has had a total of three released, “Scott Grimes”, “Livin’ On The Run”, and “Drive”.

Ming-Na Wen speaks fluent Mandarin, and her children do as well.

When George Clooney was in middle school, he developed the condition, Bell’s palsy. This is an illness that partially paralyzes the face. Luckily, this went away within a year. However, Clooney has been quoted as saying that, “it was the worst time of my life, and you know how cruel kids can be”. “I was mocked and taunted, but the experience made me stronger”.

Goran Visnjic (Luka Kovac) represents two groups, Animal Friends Croatia and the International Fund for Animal Welfare. He has actively supported animal rights movements in both Europe and America.

Michael Michele has been chosen to play the role of girlfriend to Eriq La Salle, not once but twice. The first time was in “Harlem Nights”, and the second was in ER.

Carter’s mother, played by Mary McDonnell, was also on another show called E/R years before, with another member of ER, and that was George Clooney.

When Jorja Fox (Maggie Doyle), was modeling back in the 80’s, she was roommates with Madonna’s sister, Paula Ciccone.

George Clooney had a black potbellied pig named, Max. He was bought by Clooney in 1988, as a present for Kelly Preston, whom he used to date. The pig shared Clooney’s home as well as his bed. He died of natural causes in 2006.

Linda Cardellini (Samantha Taggart) won a fireplace on the game show, “The Price Is Right”, in 1994.

Gloria Reuben (Jeanie Boulet) was named one of the “50 Most Beautiful People” by People Magazine in 1996.

People Magazine has given the title of “Sexiest Man Alive” to George Clooney, twice. The first time was in 1997, and the second was in 2006. Clooney is one of only three people to have ever had this title bestowed upon them more than once. In addition, he was also named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World, in the years of 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Noah Wyle was named by People Magazine, one of the “50 Most Beautiful People” in 2001.

Maura Tierney married her friend, and co-star, Parminder Nagra to fiancé, James Stenson. Tierney was ordained in 2009.

Kellie Martin developed an eating disorder in 1989. She was talked into getting help for it by fellow actress Tracey Gold, who has had many eating problems of her own.

Alex Kingstons’ daughter in real-life, Salome Violetta Haertel, played her daughter on ER, “Ella Greene”, in season 8 episodes 21.

John Aylward (Donald Anspaugh) says that one of the main reasons that he became an actor was due to the nuns at his parochial school. He said, “the nuns taught me to read, and to read ALOUD!” He has had a 30 year career as an actor, and never once has he had to take a day job.

Laura Innes is a supporter of the disabled, and to that end, uses her position as a director to help disabled people find jobs.

Paul McCrane (Robert Romano) was one of the stars in the movie “Fame”. In addition, he sang his own song in the movie, “Is It Okay If I Call You Mine”? McCrane wrote the song in real-life for a high school girlfriend.

Noah Wyle is a member of the Human Rights Watch Council, and also spends a lot of his free time helping the Doctors of the World, non-profit organization. Additionally, he is a spokesperson for the World Wide Fund for Nature, as well as a supporter of the group called, ADAPT.

John Stamos (Tony Gates) is well-known as both an actor and a musician. He is able to play bass and other percussion instruments, the drums, guitar, and keyboard. He has played and sung with several musicians and singers, most notably, “The Beach Boys”, who also made several guest appearances on the series, “Full House”, on which he co-starred.

People Magazine named Goran Visnjic, “Sexiest Import” in 1999. He was also named “One of TV’s Sexiest Men” by TV Guide in 2005.

Parminder Nagra was a torch bearer for the 2004 Summer Olympics, when it passed through London on its way to Athens.

Mekhi Phifer (Gregory Pratt) was born in Harlem, New York. His mother taught high school and because of her, (he never met his father), and the non-nonsense attitude with which she raised him, he did well, both in school and in life.

etvs er

Maria Bello (Anna Del Amico), and her real-life mother, were in New York City on September 11, 2001. Her mother is a nurse and offered to help care for the victims after the attacks.

The lesbian character of Sandy Lopez (Lisa Vidal) was the first Latina lesbian primary or secondary role ever on a television series.

Shane West (Ray Barnett) acted in and financed the film, “What We Do Is Secret”. The film is about the 1970’s punk band, “The Germs”, and West plays Darby Crash who was a member of the band. The remaining members of the band were so impressed by West and his portrayal of “Crash”, that they decided to re-form the band, and have Shane West take the place of Darby Crash. He played with the band for five years.

Erik Palladino (Dave Malucci) was arrested at the age of 17 for assault. His punishment was one year of probation.


Kellie Martin started working on ER only a short time after her real-life sister, Heather, died of lupus. That was a factor also in her decision to later leave the show.

David Lyons (Simon Brenner) graduated from Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art.

Angela Bassett (Cate Banfield), and her real-life husband, Courtney B. Vance, played husband and wife on ER.
Jerry Van Dyke is the younger brother of actor, Dick Van Dyke.