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Touched By An Angel

 Touched By An Angel


The Show Touched By An Angel, Cast, and Trivia!



     This is a series about an angel, Monica (Roma Downey), who has recently been promoted to case worker from her former position in search and rescue. Since she has just been made a case worker, she needs guidance in her new job, and that comes from an angel who is higher up and has more experience, that angel is Tess (Della Reese). Tess is tough, but fair and loving, and has worked her way up to case worker from the choir, then to annunciations, then to search and rescue, and finally to where she is at the present time. The main job of both Tess and Monica is to help the person or persons in each of their cases to make the right and sometimes very difficult decision that they are being faced with. They do this by giving them guidance and bringing them messages of hope from God. 



     In the beginning of the second season on Touched By an Angel, the Angel of Death is brought on to the show, first with the name of Henry (Bruce Altman), and later in the same season, there is another Angel of Death named, Andrew (John Dye). Andrew’s job of course, is to take someone to heaven when they die. He also assists Tess and Monica with their cases from time to time. Later in the seventh season, another angel is added. Her name is Gloria (Valerie Bertinelli), she is to be a trainee for the job of case worker, and she will be supervised by Monica.


My Opinion 

The basics of Touched By an Angel are simple, but strong. It is a series about angels from Heaven, faith, love, hope and of course, God. It is also about good vs. evil, and the choices that we as a society have to make each and every day. Decisions that are rarely easy and often have incredibly diverse, deep and lasting consequences. This show manages to make you both happy and sad, almost equally, and you always want to see how it turns out, through all 9 seasons. I give this show 8 out of 10.




Tess-Della Reese
Monica-Roma Downey
Andrew-John Dye
Gloria-Valerie Bertinelli


RECURRING CAST                   YEARS


Rafael-Alexis Cruz                                     1997-2003
Sam-Paul Winfield                                     1995-2003
Adam-Charles Rocket                                1994-2003
Coach Hall-Scott Wilkinson                        1994-2001
Courtroom Audience-Elizabeth Miklavcic    1998-2002
Claire Greene-Wendy Phillips                    1994-1998
Wayne-Randy Travis                                 1994-2003
Circus Barker-Dennis Saylor                      1994-2002
Russell Greene-Gerald McRaney               1995-1998

60’s Club Goer-Deborah Frazier                 1995-1996
Nathaniel Greene-Eddie Karr                      1996-1998
Joshua Greene-Austin O’Brien                    1996-1998
Ali (News Reporter)-Deborah Lee Douglas  2000-2002
Joey-Paul Wittenburg                                  1994-2003
Erasmus Jones-Ossie Davis                       1996-2002
Hattie Greene-Celeste Holm                        1996-1998
Dinah Greene-Sarah Schaub                       1996-1998
Gavin-Jeremy Hoop                                     1997-2003
J.D. Winslow-Keb’ Mo’                                 1997-2002
Assistant Prosecuting Atty.-Tim Threlfall       1997-2002
Angel Salesperson-Christopher Robin Miller 1997-2001
Deacon Jamison-Charles Metten                 1994-1999
Bailiff-Donre Sampson                                 1994-2000
Sophie-Marion Ross                                    1995-2003
Cab Driver-Frank Gerrish                             1995-2002
Celine-Mika Boorem                                     1996-2003

Ruth-Cloris Leachman                                  1997-2003
Bunker-J. Scott Bronson                              1997-2001
Admitting Clerk-Christy Summerhays            1997-2000
Shopper-Jo Mani                                              1997
New York Thief-Steve O’Neill                       1998-2000
Angry Fisherman-Derrick Dean                    1998-1999
Dr. Jessup-Bruce Newbold                          1999-2003
Doctor-J.J. Neward                                     1999-2002
Heather-Lindsay Pulsipher                           2000-2003
Allison-Star LaPoint                                     2000-2002
Edna-Monique Ridge                                   1994-1997
Biff-Johnny Biscuit                                      1994-1999
Lila Winslow-Rue McClanahan                    1994-2001
Don-Gregory Harrison                                 1995-2002
Joshua Winslow-John Schneider                 1995-2001
Dave-Steve Vinovich                                   1995-2001
Dr. Kate Marlens-Victoria Mallory                1995-2000
Kathleen-Jasmine Guy                                1995-1997
Diana Winslow-Delta Burke                         1996-2001
Karen Hall-Kim Landry                                 1996-1999
Bouncer-Scott Ditty                                     1996-1997
Anderson Walker-Louis Gossett Jr.             1996-1997
Rev. Gentry Hall-Al Jarreau                         1996-1997
Mary Harding-Esther Rolle                           1996-1997
Emily-Bonnie Bartlett                                   1997-2003
Concierge-Nancy Peterson                         1997-2002
J.J.-Vince Melocchi                                     1997-2001
Deputy-Steve Anderson                              1997-2000
Mrs. Allen-Joyce Cohen                              1997-2000
Nurse-Melinda Haynes                                1997-2000
Dinner Guest-Cristie Briggs                         1997-1998
Jean-Patty Duke                                          1998-2003
Audrey-Wynonna Judd                                 1998-2003
Giselle-Marcia Dangerfield                           1998-2000
Hank-Curley Green                                      1998-2000
Cashier-Micaela Nelligan                             1998-2000
Doctor-Alan Peterson                                  1998-2000
Mr. Edwards-Jesse Bennett                         1998-1999
Guard-Neblis Francois                                 1998-1999
Captain-Danny Hansen                                1998-1999
Chris-Austin Archer                                      1999-2003
Nurse-Susan Dolan                                      1999-2003
Nora Paradiso                                              1999-2002
Aunt Meg-Lainie Kazan                                 1998-2002
Charlie-Brian Howe                                       2000-2001
Examiner-Jeff Olson                                     1994-1999
Kathleen-Toni Lynn Byrd                               1994-1999
Kevin Carter-Erik King                                   2000-2001
The Teen Angel-Same Yeo                                2001
Boy #2-Joey Lopez                                       1994-2001
Lundy-Michael Ruud                                          1994
Dave Price-Hal Linden                                  1996-2001
Customer #2-Jim Platt                                   1994-1995
Anita-Donna Bullock                                      1994-2002
Sydney Jessup-Erica Gimpel                        1994-2002
Elizabeth Jessup-Phylicia Rashad                 1994-2002
Alex Cassada-Jonathan Hernandez               1994-2001
Charles Hibbard-Peter Scolan                       1994-2001
Joanne Peters-Susan Ruttan                        1994-2000
Delivery Man-Kareem Ferguson                    1994-1995
Michael-Pete Pastore                                        1994
Maury Hoover-Stacy Keach                          1995-2003
Charles-William R. Moses                             1995-2003
Howard the Lawyer-Michael Flynn                 1995-2001
Bud-Brian Patrick Clarke                               1995-1999
Bill Salisbury-Greg Evigan                             1995-1999
Alison-Lisa Jane Persky                                1995-1999
Cookie-Alanna Ubach                                    1995-1998
Eb-Dick Van Patten                                       1995-1998
Amy Pound-Kelsi Copier                                1995-1996
Henry-Bruce Altman                                           1995
George-William Daniels                                 1996-2001
Jake Stone-Joe Morton                                 1996-2002
Albert Einstein-Harold Gould                          1996-2001
Danny-Matthew Grace                                   1996-2001
11 yr. old Jesse Bell-Ross Malinger               1996-2001
Joni Albright-Kelsey Mulrooney                      1996-2001
Alex Wilson-Robert Richard                           1996-2001
Jolene-Kathie Lee Gifford                              1996-2000
Leo-James Gleason                                       1996-2000
Thomas Prescott-Anthony Michael Hall           1996-1999
Kate Prescott-Valerie Harper                          1996-1999
Charlie-Jim Metzler                                         1996-1999
Mike O’Connor-John Ritter                              1996-1999
Policeman-Gary Sivertsen                              1996-1999
April Campbell-Gabrielle Carteris                     1996-1998
Ada-Barbara Mandrell                                      1996-1998
Charlotte-Kate Fuglei                                      1997-2003
Kevin Greeley-Charlie Schlatter                      1997-2002
Kim Chyung Kyung-Soon-Tek-Oh                    1997-2001
Bellman-Michael F. Tanner                              1997-2001
Dr. Kate Calder-Stephanie Zimbalist                1997-2001
Deane-Stuart Margolin                                     1997-2000
Jazz-Andrew Roach                                         1997-2000
Craig-Timothy S. Shoemaker                           1997-2000
Pianist-Thomas Campbell                                 1997-1999
Phil, Angel of Reconciliation-Bill Cosby            1997-1999
Mark Fisher-Anthony Leger                              1997-1999
Scott Subiono                                                  1997-1999
Piano Player-Steven Cahill                               1997-1999
Boy #1-Patrick Fugit                                         1997-1998
Earl-John McMartin                                           1997-1998
Matthew Mills-Courtland Mead                          1997-1998
Capt. Victor Walls-Edward James Olmos          1997-1998
Joe Greene-Richard Thomas                            1997-1998
Russell-Sterling Brimley                                        1997
Taylor-Chris Burke                                                1997
Mrs. Kim-Kieu Chinh                                             1997
Tonya Hawkins-Loretta Devine                             1997
Celeste-Hudson Leick                                           1997
Queenie-Jenifer Lewis                                          1997
Calvin-Sean Nelson                                               1997
Charmaine-Charmaine Neville                               1997
Michael Burns-George Newbern                            1997
Nicky-John Ortiz                                                    1997
Doctor-Janice Power                                             1997
Nick Beringer-Seth Adkins                                 1998-2003
Mary-Christine Healy                                         1998-2001

Blind Date-Christian Jensen                              1998-2001
Gladys-Sandra Shotwell                                    1998-2001
Lucille-Ann Bosler                                             1998-2000
Carter-Trent Hanson                                         1998-2000
Eric-Fredric Lehne                                            1998-2000
Greg-Chris McKenna                                         1998-2000
Bus Driver-Charlie Paddock                               1998-2000
Cato-Maxx Payne                                              1998-2000
Charles-Oscar Rowland                                     1998-2000
Don-Dane Stevens                                            1998-2000
Jaxon-John Cothran                                           1998-1999
Executive-Thom Dillon                                        1998-1999
Ms. Miller-Alisa Harris                                         1998-1999
Alex Stella-Ben Bode                                              1998
Nurse-Debbie Fan                                                   1998
Jim Lau                                                                   1998
Jean Chang-Bai Ling                                               1998
Emcee-Richard Losee                                             1998
Hotel Clerk-Jack Ong                                               1998
Edward Tanner-Adrian Pasdar                                 1998
George-Russell Wong                                              1998
Gus-Ping Wu                                                            1998
Detective-Elizabeth Hansen                                1999-2003
Walker-Matthew Glave                                        1999-2002
Greg Saunders-Brian McNamara                         1999-2002
Annie-Jo Dee Messina                                        1999-2002
Dee Dee-Romy Rosemont                                  1999-2002
Father O’Grady-Bob Eric Hart                             1999-2001
Cult Member #2-Jeanette Puhich                        1999-2001
Mr. Cracker-Brad Slocum                                    1999-2001
Chris-James Calvert                                           1999-2000
Brad-K.C. Clyde                                                  1999-2000
Earl-Rick Macy                                                   1999-2000
Cody Benson-Chris Marquette                            1999-2000
Scott-Jason Ross Azikiwe                                  1999-2000
Alvin-Wayne Brennan                                             1999
Concert Patron-Paul Angel Flores                           1999
Comedian-Joey Miyashima                                     1999
Officer #1-Michael O’Brien                                      1999
Danny-Kent Richards                                              1999
Police Officer-Karl Huddleston                             2000-2003
Carl Northum-Michael Nouri                                 2000-2003
Best Friend-Kelsi Cullimore                                 2000-2002
Candy Koppelman-Leah Lail                                2000-2002
Flashback Mother-Emily Pearson                        2000-2002
Salt-Marjorie Hilton                                              2000-2001
Manager-Steve Short                                          2000-2001
Process Server-Christopher T. VanDijk               2000-2001
Frat Boy-Dajon Young                                         2000-2001
Cameraman-Gavin Sheehan                                    2000
Pearson-David Stevens                                           2000
British Reporter-Nyk Fry                                      2001-2002
Henry-Lincoln Hoppe                                           2001-2002
Tommy-Nick Whitaker                                         2001-2002
Danny Winslow-Cameron Bowen                             2001
Carter Winslow-David Canary                                  2001
Cynthia Winslow-Nell Carter                                     2001
Dr. Rebecca Markham-Faye Dunaway                     2001
Ronald-Joel Gray                                                     2001
Aunt Maisy Winslow-Eva Maie LeFevre                   2001
Hockey Referee-David Stuart                                  2001
Blue Angel-Jodi Russell                                           2002
Zack-Scott Bairstow                                                2003
Mr. Carver-Bob Bancroft                                          2003
Peter-Ivar Brogger                                                   2003
Mike-Patrick Duffy                                                   2003
Rindy-Karina Logue                                                 2003
Eddie-William Mapother                                           2003
Jones-David Ogden Stiers                                       2003


Della Reese was working on the show, “The Royal Family”, with Redd Foxx in 1991, when he had a heart attack during one of the tapings. Later, after being sent to the hospital, Reese, as well as the rest of the Royal Family cast, visited him. Unfortunately, he died several hours later. Reese first met Foxx at a nightclub in Chicago, and they became best friends, remaining so until the day he died.

Roma Downey recorded a CD called, “Healing Angel” in 1999.

Valerie Bertinelli was on VH1’s list of the “100 Greatest Kid Stars”, she was #29.

Della Reese (Tess), is actually an ordained minister in real-life. She officiated at the wedding of friend and former co-star, Roma Downey to her second husband, Mark Burnett.

There was a spin-off series made from Touched by an Angel, and it was called, “Promised Land.” It was based on one of the families that Monica had met and helped.

John Dye always wore a ring that was a gift to him from his maternal grandfather, whom he absolutely adored. The ring which originally had belonged to his great-grandfather, was in their family for many years, and he wore it on his right hand.

Roma Downey and her husband, Mark Burnett, have produced a miniseries on the History channel called, “The Bible”. Just in its first three installments, it has been watched by more than 80 million people, and came in at #1 for downloaded TV shows in iTunes. It also broke sales records with its very first week of home video release, and became the top-selling miniseries ever. Her husband is also the creator of the TV show, “Survivor”.


Della Reese sung as well as composed the theme song from Touched by an Angel, “Walk With You”.

Valerie Bertinelli (Gloria), never graduated from high school (1978). She was still working toward getting the last credits that were required, so that she could receive her diploma as of January 2008.

Della Reese almost died in 1979 from a brain aneurysm due to a stroke. She was taping an episode of The Tonight Show when it happened. Hovering for days on the brink of death, she miraculously made a full recovery after two surgeries. She has been a tireless spokesperson for the National Stroke Association ever since. She also became a spokeswoman for the American Diabetes Association, after being diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. And as if those experiences were not enough, she walked through a plate glass door in 1969, after swimming with her daughter at their family home. Not realizing that her daughter had closed the door, she walked into it, and it broke. However, when it broke it didn’t do so completely, but instead broke in half. Because of this she fell forward, and over the jagged bottom piece. There was glass everywhere, she had no traction and as she tried repeatedly to get up, she just continued cutting parts of her body. All of a sudden, Reese says her mother, who has been dead since 1949, put her arms around her and pulled her up. A moment later, the top half of the glass door fell down and would have killed her but not for that miracle. She lost 7 pints of blood (the body generally has around 10), and needed 1,000 stitches in all. When the doctor told her afterward how lucky she was, she replied, “I’m not lucky, God was holding me in his hands”. 
Roma Downey has two brothers in real-life, one is Lawrence, and the other is John. Her brother John, is a Roman-Catholic priest.
John Dye (Andrew), died in real-life on January 10, 2011. He was found in his home in San Francisco, California, already deceased. His death was due to heart failure.

Della Reese was the first member of her family to graduate from high school. She did this in 1947 at the age of only fifteen.

Roma Downey was picked by People Magazine as one of the “Most Beautiful People in the World” in 1997.

Touched by an Angel: The Album, was released in November of 1998. It went platinum. There was also a Christmas album released the following year called, Touched by an Angel: Christmas Album.

Valerie Bertinelli wrote her autobiography titled, “Losing It: And Gaining My Life Back One Pound at a Time”. A year later she wrote a follow-up book to her autobiography called, “Finding It: And Satisfying My Hunger for life without Opening the Fridge”. She also became a spokesperson for the “Jenny Craig” weight-loss program, and appeared in several commercials.

Roma Downey was born in Derry, County Londonderry, Ireland. And despite being born and raised in Ireland, was actually turned down for an “Irish Spring Soap” commercial, because they said that she didn’t sound Irish enough!

Della Reese adopted a daughter in 1961, her name was Delloreese Daniels Owens, and (Della Reese’s actual name is Delloreese Patricia). She died from complications that arose from pituitary disease, in March of 2002.

John Dyes’ favorite movie was, “The Wizard of Oz”.

After its first season, Touched by an Angel was cancelled. It was only brought back after the fans created a letter-writing campaign.

For nine years, Della Reese performed in Las Vegas, Nevada, and toured across the country.

Allot of the clothes that Monica (Roma Downey), wore in the first season were her own. This was due to the fact that Downey was a very small size, and the wardrobe department had nothing that fit her.

Della Reese is the godmother to Roma Downey’s daughter, Reilly.

John Dye’s first film role was in the movie, “Making the Grade”, with Judd Nelson.

Della Reese released a single in 1957 called, “And That Reminds Me”. It was a million-seller record and was also a Top Twenty Pop hit. What most considers being the signature song of her earlier career in singing is the song, “Don’t You Know?”, which topped the R & B charts, and made it to #2 on the Pop Charts. It is also her largest hit song to the present time.

Roma Downey is what is called a “Smile Ambassador” for “Operation Smile”, a non-profit group that gives operations to children everywhere that were born with severe cleft lip and palate. She has been on many international medical missions to different countries such as Nicaragua, Vietnam and Honduras. Additionally, her husband, Mark Burnett, and their three children all went to a mission in Jordan.


Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen were married for 24 years before she filed for divorce in 2005. The two main reasons that she gave for her divorce were mentioned in her first book (Losing It: And Gaining My Life Back One Pound at a Time). The reasons were, number one, that he became addicted to cocaine. And number two, despite the fact that he underwent treatment for tongue cancer, as well as lost one-third of his tongue to that cancer, he still continued to smoke. She recently married Tom Vitale (financial planner), in January of 2011.

Della Reese was the first African-American woman to guest host on the “Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”, in 1970.

Roma Downeys’ first name was a combination of both of both her grandmother’s names, Rose and Mary.