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Growing Pains

Growing Pains


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The Show Growing Pains, Cast, And Trivia!


This is a series about the Seaver family, who live in Huntington, Long Island, New York. They are close-knit and loving, and there for one another, through thick and thin. Although sometimes that is a little difficult to manage!

Growing_Pains Jason Seaver (Alan Thicke) is a psychiatrist, who until recently, worked at Long Island General Hospital. However, his wife recently returning to work, has made him decide to move his practice to their house, and be a stay-at-home dad. And in this way, he can raise the kids’ but yet still have his career. Jason is a sweet, loving and supportive husband to both his wife and children, as well as being someone that they can come to with all of their problems. Maggie-Seaver-growing-pains-20576907-336-512 Maggie Seaver (Joanna Kerns) is a mother who recently went back to work as a journalist. She is married to Jason, and they have three children, (later a fourth), who do their best to keep them on their toes! Maggie is hard-working, loves her children and is totally in love with her husband. She is also focusing more on her career now that her children are growing up.

Growing-Pains-growing-pains-5198308-512-309 Mike Seaver (Kirk Cameron) is the teenage, oldest son of the family. Now, Mike does tend to get into his share of troubles, his grades are not the best, and his favorite thing is chasing girls. But despite all this, his love for his family (as well as his friends), is genuine and honest, and he does all that he can to be there for them. Tracey Gold of Growing Pains. Carol Seaver (Tracey Gold) is what you would consider the “brain” of the family. She is on the honor roll at high school, and knows a lot of information about a myriad of subjects. She however, would be happier being thought of as cute, as opposed to smart, at times. She is interested in boys, they just aren’t as interested in her, but this of course changes as she gets older. Brad-Pitt-on-Growing-Pains Ben Seaver (Jeremy Miller), is the youngest of the children, (until his little sister comes along), and he is always full of smiles and laughter, and tends to take after his brother, Mike, as he gets older. Growing-Pains-growing-pains-5074384-332-512 Chrissy Seaver (Ashley Johnson) is cute, lovable, and precocious. The entire family adores her. There are other characters of course, who provide comedic distractions and touching moments throughout the show. One of these characters would be Luke Brower (Leonardo DiCaprio), who they discover has no place to live, and take him into both their home and hearts. There is also Mike’s best friend, “Boner” Stabone (Josh Andrew Koenig), who grows close to the family over the years, and “Stinky” Sullivan (Jamie Abbott), who is best friends’ with Ben. There are of course other characters along the way that come and go, but make small differences and enhance the storylines. Mike-Ben-and-Carol-growing-pains-20576912-404-512

My Opinion

This show was very family-oriented and yet funny. It also accomplishes the feat of showing real family problems as well as addressing life issues, while still entertaining you. It was on for 7 seasons, and though it wasn’t quite as good at the end is still a very enjoyable series to watch. I give it 7 out of 10.

The Cast

JasonSeaver-Alan Thicke Maggie Seaver-Joanna Kerns Mike Seaver-Kirk Cameron Carol Seaver-Tracey Gold Ben Seaver-Jeremy Miller Chrissy Seaver-Ashley Johnson (also played by Kelsey and Kirsten Dohring 1988-1990) 23093053MC

Recurring Cast                           Years

Boner Stabone-Andrew Koenig                   1985-1989 Luke Brower-Leonardo DiCaprio                 1991-1992 Stinky Sullivan-Jamie Abbott                       1986-1991 Eddie-K.C. Martel                                       1985-1992 Kate MacDonald-Chelsea Noble                 1989-1992 Ed Malone-Gordon Jump                            1986-1991 Debbie-Lisa Capps                                     1986-1988 Shelley-Rachel Jacobs                               1986-1988 Principal Dewitt-Sam Anderson                   1986-1992 Julie Costello-Julie McCullough                   1989-1990 Janitor-Bill Erwin                                         1986-1991 Coach Lubbock-Bill Kirchenbauer                1986-1988 Kate Malone-Betty McGuire                        1986-1991 Kevin Randall-James Marshall                     1989-1991 Dwight Halliburton-Christopher Burgard        1991-1992 Bobby-Kevin Wixted                                    1986-1988 Richie-Evan Arnold                                      1985-1987 Sid Sidlevich-Kenneth Tigar                         1987-1989 Thelma-Pamela Brull                                    1987-1989 Big Al-Beans Morocco                                 1986-1990 Audition Doofus-Brian Peck                         1988-1991 Laura Lynn-Jodi Peterson                           1989-1991 Cindy-Jamie Luner                                      1987-1990 Irma Seaver-Jane Powell                            1988-1990 Wally Overmier-Robert Rockwell                 1988-1990 Estelle-Patrika Darbo                                  1987-1990 Amy Boutilier-Heather Langenkamp             1988-1990 Peeter Thorne-Steeve Arlen                        1987-1990 Sophie-Kathleen Freeman                           1988-1990 Mr. Tedesco-Fred Applegate                            1991 Susan-Deborah White                                 1986-1987 Growing-Pains-tv-p04 Grace Thornton-Julie Cobb                          1987-1989 Deejay-Johnny Dark                                    1988-1990 Mr. Lepepke-Joseph Reale                          1986-1991 Vito Paducci-Kenny Morrison                       1988-1990 Monica Shackleford-Christa Denton             1986-1987 Frank-Dennis Haysbert                                1985-1988 Wendy-Brooke Theiss                                 1987-1988 Female Bidder-Janet Clark                           1985-1987 Brianne Miller-Shawn Modrell                           1991 Kenny-Shavar Ross                                         1991 Bobby-Bob Perlow                                       1986-1988 Melia-Kelly Hu                                              1987-1988 Buddy-John LaMotta                                    1986-1991 Sandy-Matthew Perry                                       1989 Constance-JoAnn Willette                            1988-1990 Policeman-Michael Gilbert Lewis                  1987-1988 Dude #1-Troy Shire                                      1986-1988 Walter-Alan Blumenfeld                                     1985 Frank-Justin Williams                                   1987-1989 David-David Coburn                                     1989-1990 Mr. Sullivan-Mickey Morton                          1987-1990 Jerry Vale as himself                                        1990 Mr. Stabone-Richard Marion                         1988-1990 Girl-Lesley Boone                                         1989-1990 Gary-Jason Horst                                         1989-1990 Terry-Olivia d’Abo                                         1985-1986 Dan-Dan Lauria                                            1986-1987 Casting Receptionist-Dawn Wells                     1987 Linda-Ami Dolenz                                          1985-1986 Elizabeth-Deborah Harmon                                1988 Doug Stanton-Peter Jurasik                               1991 Heidi Deforest-Mya Stark                              1986-1987 Trudy-Melanie Gaffin                                          1987 George Brower-Gary Grubbs                         1991-1992 Tina-Melissa Young                                            1991 Curtis-Scott Curtis                                              1986 Chuck-Michael Cudlitz                                    1991-1992 Jodi Creedmore-Karla Tamburrelli                  1991-1992 Sasha Serotsky-Hilary Swank                        1991-1992 Graham Jr.-Matt Shakman                                  1988 Sherry-Heidi Zeigler                                            1988 Braxton Hicks-Lou Richards                           1986-1990 Dr. Rosenfeld-Richard Sanders                      1986-1989 Jeff-Brad Pitt                                                  1987-1989 Jeremy Foster-Candace Cameron Bure         1987-1988 Kitty-Arlene Golonka                                       1988-1990 Hadley Barnes-Ty Miller                                      1987 Dr. Klaus-Ted Hayden                                     1988-1989 Lydia Shayne-Cathy Podewell                            1988 Lucy Snyder-Cristine Rose                             1987-1991 Rita Sabatini-Riley Weston                                 1988 Mrs. Stabone-Ruth Silveira                             1988-1989 Little Carol-Judith Barsi                                   1988-1992 Little Mike-Victor DiMattia                               1988-1992 Raj-Anjul Nigam                                               1989-1990 Ike-Robert Benedetti                                           1989 Captain-Ben Frank                                              1989 Dick Slots-Hugh Maguire                                     1989 Dr. Paul Ramirez-Gregory Sierra                         1989 Danica-Kendra Booth                                          1990 Sally Garner-Joely Fisher                                    1990 Samantha-Stacy Arnell                                         1991 Dr. Miller-Susan Barnes                                       1991  tracey-gold-played-younger-sister-carol-on-growing-pains


When Kirk Cameron (Mike), was 17 years old, his religious beliefs changed. He says that he was an atheist before, but then became a born-again Christian. This soon created problems on the show because Cameron started to insist that anything that he personally thought was too racy or too adult, was to be changed. The biggest consequence of his changing to Christianity of course was the firing of actress, Julie McCullough (Julie Costello-nanny). After only eight episodes she was fired at the insistence of Cameron because she had posed nude for Playboy magazine. Cameron then requested that his real-life girlfriend, Chelsea Noble, replace her. Tracey Gold (Carol) had extreme problems with weight loss. Although she was supposed to be picked on for being fat around season 4, she was actually losing weight, and a great deal of it. She eventually started vomiting and had to be hospitalized at one point. Her lowest weight is thought to have been around 80 pounds, and the producers suspended her for her appearance. She came back in time to do the last two episodes of the series, though she was not yet recovered. So determined was Kirk Cameron to prevent any adult themes from being put into the show and its storylines that he personally phoned the president of ABC and accused the show’s producers of being “pornographers”. The three, Dan Guntzelman, Steve Marshall and Michael Sullivan all resigned from the show having had enough of Cameron. “Jason Seaver” was ranked #37 on TV Guide’s list of “50 Greatest TV Dads of All Time”.Shop Amazon – Kids’ Halloween Store growing_a Leonardo DiCaprio (Luke) was brought in to try and boost the show’s ratings, but this did not work and the show was cancelled soon after. Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble (Kate) were married in real-life. There was a TV movie made in 2004 called, “Return of the Seavers”. There was also a reunion movie in 2000 called, “The Growing Pains Movie”. Alan Thicke (Jason) was among other things, a TV theme song composer. He sometimes collaborated with Gloria Loring, (his now former wife), on some projects which included the theme songs to “Diff’rent Strokes” and “The Facts of Life”. Joanna Kerns’ (Maggie), older sister is Donna de Varona. She is an Olympic gold medal swimmer, who won 2 gold medals in the 1964 Olympics. Additionally, Kerns says she felt like her sister was the “golden girl”, and tried to compete herself. She tried swimming at first, but realized it wasn’t for her, and then moved on to gymnastics. She actually became so good at gymnastics that she made it to the Olympic trials in 1968, and ranked at 14th out of 28. Leonardo-Dicaprio-Jeremy-Miller-Kirk-Cameron-Growing-Pains-growing-pains-5073194-512-399 Tracey Gold (Carol) was arrested in 2004 for drunk driving. She rolled her SUV down a freeway embankment that carried her three sons and her husband. Her husband and two younger sons weren’t seriously injured, however, “Sage” (her 7 year old), had a head laceration, and a broken clavicle. Andrew Koenig (Boner), disappeared in February of 2010, and was last seen on February 14, near a bakery in Vancouver, British Columbia. On February 25, hid body was found hanging from a tree in Stanley Park in Vancouver. His father said that he had “taken his own life”.

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